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2013 Thistledown The Basket Case Old Vine Shiraz

I went to a wine tasting recently.  I know, I know, so what’s new?  Well for me, it’s these guys and their wines.  Unfortunately I didn’t try them all (and what I tried was mighty impressive) but I’m so so … Continue reading

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2017 Lowe Wines ‘Jodie Wilbertree’ Sparkling Rosé

I’m not boasting when I say this.  I’m only saying it to make a point.  I’ve had quite a lot of sparkling rosé in my time and not one of them has tasted or presented like this one. I reckon the … Continue reading

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2017 Chateau Yaldara Pinot Gris

This variety is becoming popular.  Simple.  Some styles are simple. Expected.  Some styles are expected to be simple.  Not this one. It didn’t get off to a good start I must say.  It seemed a bit, well, lazy.  Yeah, that … Continue reading

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2015 Tatachilla Sangiovese

Here’s an Aussie Sangio (that’s slang for Sangiovese just so you know) that sits pretty comfortably in its skin. When my wife said she was going to build a bolognese, this just seemed the perfect ‘grab’.  Italian bolognese, Sangiovese wine.  … Continue reading

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2015 Penley Estate Gryphon Red Blend

If you studied Greek mythology you would know what Gryphon is or means.  If you didn’t, you’re not alone.  I’m with you on that. As it turns out it is a mythical creature made up of two not so mythical … Continue reading

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2014 The Blok Estate Coonawarra Riesling

It’s no secret that Riesling is one of my favourite white wines.  Generally speaking, they are released pretty much the year they are grown, made and bottled.  Nothing wrong with that.  Who doesn’t like a fresh, spritely, limey, lemony youngster … Continue reading

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2014 Grey Sands The Mattock

As much as the world news gives us much to scratch our heads about, there is also much to make us, well me anyway, realise there is also much to be thankful for. In Spain at the moment they are … Continue reading

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2017 Penley Estate Spring Release Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a grape variety that, sort of, gets treated like the poor cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon.  They are related but one is viewed as the King, the other…not so. On this occasion, good ol’ Cab Franc has been … Continue reading

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2017 Lowe Wines PF500 Organic Shiraz

The PF is pretty obvious; preservative Free.  But, it is also organically and biodynamically produced.  Vegan friendly too.  Maybe they could put VF on the label as well. 500?  That needs a little explaining.  The vineyard is 500 metres above … Continue reading

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2016 Wobbly Boot Pinot Noir

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that people will be thinking or saying, “here he is again banging on about Tassie Pinot”.  Well, as a matter of fact, yes I am. I was so impressed with the 2015 vintage I bought six … Continue reading

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