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2017 Bailey Wine Co Bryksy Vineyard Watervale Riesling

I don’t think this is correct but, I wonder if the Aussie cricket captain, Steve Smith, had anything to do with making this wine.  I know what you’re thinking.  Where on earth is he going with this. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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2017 Yelland & Papps Pinot Blanc

I’m going to start off by saying, I think it is great that Michael and Susan keep the label going.  I reckon it is excellent. Now, the wine.  It was a pretty warm day in Hobart so it called for … Continue reading

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2016 Yelland & Papps Devote Sparkling Vermentino

I googled Sparkling Vermentino only because I thought there can’t be much around in Australia.  I was wrong, there is a bit out there.  But, are they as good as this one! There was every intention of opening this wine … Continue reading

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2015 Domaine Dawnelle Gloria Chardonnay

Michael O’Brien is the man behind Domaine Dawnelle.  Well he’s also the man in front and to the left and to the right of Domaine Dawnelle.  He does everything.  Well, I think he does because every time I see something … Continue reading

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2016 Rowlee Nebbiolo

I’m happy to admit I did not know what to expect when I poured this wine, for two reasons;  I’d not heard of Rowlee and Nebbiolo was not a variety my olfactory senses were familiar with.  At the very least … Continue reading

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2016 Trentham Estate Pinot Noir

Imagine if Australia and England turned up to a venue on day 1 and the pitch was all over the place.  The bounce was variable with the ball flying left, right and centre.  Heads would be shaking, huge sighs and … Continue reading

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2014 Robert Stein Mudgee Shiraz

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, but December is not the time of year to be thinking about shiraz, nor roast meals (at Christmas).  But, and there is always a ‘But’.  Okay, not always but on … Continue reading

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2010 The Blok Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

If there is one thing everyone should have on their bucket list it is to drink a bottle of aged Coonawarra Cabernet before you…ummm…are not in a position to be able to. This is a delight.  Blackberries still the main … Continue reading

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2013 Huntington Estate Special Reserve Mudgee Shiraz

Years ago I watched a show called Wine Lovers Guide to Australia.  On one of the episodes, Bob, Wendy and Susie Roberts, the original owners of Huntington Estate, were interviewed by Grant van Every and presented some of their wines … Continue reading

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2017 XO Wine Co Single Vineyard Adelaide Hills Barbera

This is a nice little collaboration between Greg Clack and Kate Horstmann punching out a small bunch of low production wines that are impressive buggers…just like their makers. Barbera loves the Adelaide Hills and I think the feeling is mutual.  … Continue reading

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