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2017 LiNO RaMBLe ‘Domino’ Montepulciano

Montepulciano! I love saying that word.  Try it.  Mon-ta-pull-chee-arno!!  And make sure you emphasise the ‘ar’ bit and use plenty of hand movements.  It’s quite invigorating, just like this wine. How cool is it that you can get such an … Continue reading

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2014 Robert Stein The Kinnear

Many moons ago, English wine connoisseur, Professor George Saintsbury, stated that “Hermitage is the manliest wine I have ever drunk”.  What do you get when you add a small amount (3%) of the noble grape, Cabernet to it?  Well, let … Continue reading

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2017 Paracombe Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris

This may come as a surprise to some but, on the weekend I was speaking with a fellow who works in a Hobart bar and, dare I say it, the talk was about wine.  Something he said came as no … Continue reading

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2014 Gartelmann Wines ‘Jesse’ Shiraz

When it came to writing the review for this wine I realised when I see a person’s name on the front label, I’ve gotten into the habit of using ‘google’ to see if there is history or a story behind … Continue reading

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2015 Clemens Hill ‘777 Clone’ Pinot Noir

You’ll have to excuse me for being curious.  That’s just me and it’s part of my job.  The succession of numbers, 777, intrigued me so I googled it thinking it would return details about the Pinot clone in question.  Ummm, … Continue reading

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2013 Huntington Estate Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

How often do you see ‘Winemakers Reserve’ or ‘Vineyard Selection’ or, in this case, ‘Special Reserve’ on a bottle of wine?  I’ve seen a few and I don’t have a problem with that except when it’s not backed up with … Continue reading

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2017 Yelland & Papps Second Take Shiraz

I’ve read a couple of reviews about this wine already (here and here) so I had a pretty good insight about what to expect when it came to trying this wine.  I actually debated whether to even review this wine … Continue reading

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