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2014 Bream Creek Pinot Grigio

I’ve got to tell you, this is quite a different version of this style.  I was going to say, expect the unexpected but everybody says that.  I’m going to say, don’t expect the expected. I like how there is a … Continue reading

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2014 Main and Cherry Shiraz

  I’m not quite sure how to put this.  Picking this wine was a great idea but difficult at the same time. A great idea because it is a damn good wine.  Difficult because, and only because, it was my … Continue reading

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2013 Raidis Estate Wild Goat Shiraz

I am one lucky duck.  Knowing I have to go to work tomorrow, I had to find something to drink that was a no fuss, no bother, grab-it-open-it-have-a-glass-with-dinner type of wine.  Tadaaah! True story this.  I walked into my wine … Continue reading

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2015 Yelland and Papps Riesling

At the end of a day when I had moved 3 cubic metres of recycled road bitumen using only a rake, square mouth shovel and an old cement hand roller, I was hot, sweaty, smelly, knackered and thirsty. I tidied … Continue reading

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2013 Bremerton Selkirk Shiraz

I’m sure I would’ve have mentioned the talented winemaker, Rebecca Willson, at Bremerton by now.  I’m on their mailing list and get there wines delivered relatively regularly and drink the wines too regularly. This was in the last box that … Continue reading


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2014 Dalrymple Pinot Noir

I don’t know about you but I like it when it easy to pick a wine knowing that it is reliable, safe and will be good.  This is one of those types of wines. I have to admit when I … Continue reading

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2013 Waipara Hills Pinot Gris

Yep, another Pinot Gris review but this time it’s one from across the ditch.  By that I mean across the Tasman Sea.  By that I mean from our mates in New Zealand. I have to say, when my wife and … Continue reading

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2014 Rusty Mutt Rocky Ox GSM

Rusty Mutt?!  I’d never heard of it until I got onto Twitter and Instagram.  The good, no, great reviews that I kept reading were enough for me to finally bite the bullet and buy some. Now, the name.  You just … Continue reading

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2015 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling

How good is Louisa Rose?!  That’s not really a question, it’s more a statement.  There aren’t many people around the industry, or even consumers for that matter, who don’t know this talented lady. I’m a big fan of Riesling (as … Continue reading

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2014 Rymill The Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

Everyone knows that the reference to a ‘Dark Horse’ means someone or something (for want of a better word) that succeeds unexpectedly usually because little is known of them or they don’t have the ‘ability’ of its peers to be … Continue reading

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