2013 Raidis Estate Wild Goat Shiraz

I am one lucky duck.  Knowing I have to go to work tomorrow, I had to find something to drink that was a no fuss, no bother, grab-it-open-it-have-a-glass-with-dinner type of wine.  Tadaaah!

True story this.  I walked into my wine storage area (it doesn’t qualify to be called a cellar) and the purple capsule was directly in front me.  It was an easy pick for tonight’s wine.

There is one word that sums this wine up.  Casual.  It seems so laid back, it’s virtually horizontal!  I mean that in a good way because, you just like it and you don’t have to have a reason.  It’s just that casual.

Don’t get me wrong, it gives you plenty of red fruit flavour, a hint of savouriness (is that a word?) and the tannins.  Okay they are dry, not mouth-puckering dry.  The best way I can put it is, they are ‘nice’ dry tannins.

Region: Coonawarra     Price: $28     Source: Cellar Door purchase



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