2015 Serafino Bellissimo Nebbiolo

I don’t reckon Nebbiolo has many friends in ‘Winemakers World’.  From what I’ve read, it’s a temperamental bugger.  Difficult to grow (apparently), tight and tannic in its youth, loses its colour really early on in its life (because in its genes it has anthocyanins.  Thanks Wine Folly) and needs food to really show its best.

This has a terrific colour.  Pinotesque if you like.  The nose is pretty attractive to me with cherries, choc coated raspberries and a spicey sort of tone to it.  It was easy to get sucked into it from here.  Dark cherries, ripe raspberries (squishy in your fingers sort of thing) and sweet/savoury/spicy characters were among the flavours that came in thick and fast.  It’s medium weight on the palate with slightly drying but sleek tannins on the finish (tells me it wants to be sidled up beside food) and I underestimated the good length it provides.  It’s not for the long haul but why would you bother cellaring it?!  This is juicy, fruity and very inviting.  With a slurp factor of 10 out of 10, it is a very easy wine to like.

Serafino Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $22     Source: Retail Purchase

Serafino Neb

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2017 Langmeil Three Gardens Grenache Shiraz Mataro

Even though my memory may not serve me well these days, I cannot remember having a Langmeil wine.  I went onto their website and the history of this family is pretty special.  The first Shiraz vines were planted in 1843 and are the source of the fruit for The Freedom 1843 Shiraz.  Now into the sixth generation and still going strong, from what I read, there is no intention of the Lindner family slowing down either that’s for sure.

A very attractive deep cherry red colour.  Smells fresh, bright and juicy and it’s no different on the palate.  A delicious bunch of dark and red fruits, some red cherry freshness, savoury notes, and just a dash of white pepper rounds it out beautifully.  Tannins have been well tamed and you would not pick the 14.5% alcohol.

It’s a blend of 50% Grenache and 25% each of Shiraz and Mataro but I don’t think that matters especially when you take your first sip.  You’ll immediately take a second one and be lured into the charm this wine has.  It was certainly popular with the group it was shared with.  This is a bargain at this price so, if I can offer one piece of advice, find it and buy it.  Simple as that really.

Langmeil Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $20     Source: Generous mate


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2016 Grant Burge Nebu Cabernet Shiraz

This is a new wine to the Grant Burge range and it sits in the Icon Wines section.  I have to say, I can definitly understand why.  This is delightful even at such a young stage of its life.

In case you were wondering, and because I was, Nebu is the Egyptian symbol for gold.  I won’t bore you with a details of the symbol but what I will say is, if I was judging this wine, I’d give it 18.5/20 and if my memory serves me correctly, that’s GOLD!!!

Darker fruits and youthfulness dominate the nose.  The palate will give you plenty of blackcurrants, juicy plums (loved what they offered here), dark cherries (yep, true), some lovely creamy vanilla oak and the tannins adding great support.  It had been open for about 5 hours before I got to try it and I was clearly the beneficiary of this ‘airing’.  It had settled, everything was integrated and it was still fresh and approachable.

I’ts pretty full on in fruit flavours from start to finish and I think it is unashamedly so.  I’m guessing it’s built to immediately impress with its juicy upfront fruitiness but still has the tannin structure to sit in a dark corner for a few years.

Grant Burge Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA     Price: $85     Source: Right place, right time.



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2018 Huntington Estate Pinot Noir Rosé

Rosé can no longer be taken lightly in the world of wine in Australia.  Because of the current and unrelenting popularity, many producers are putting one into bottle.  As a result, there are many hitting the bottle shop shelves these days.  As I have said before, it’s a good thing.

I’m sure there are others, but I don’t know of any other producer that has had a rosé, and a popular one at that, in their range for 30 plus years like Huntington Estate.  I reckon that’s fantastic!!  Cheers to Tim and the team.

Fresh as the vintage would suggest. Red fruits and, in my opinion, there’s a subtle citrus hit too.

Raspberries, sour cherries, slight dried cranberry sweetness giving balance, lively acid finish and those fruits don’t let go either.  Add to this the fact it’s a dry and elegant rosé, this is going to get a lot of attention with the warmer weather not far away.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $23     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine and Huntington Estate



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2018 Wobbly Boot Riesling

Young Riesling is, as you would expect, energetic, lively and not shy at all.  This also describes Paul and Lynda Williams, the owners of Wobbly Boot Vineyard.  They love talking to everyone about their wines and their enthusiasm is infectious.  They have a great, informal style cellar door and, if you have a pet, they will be just as welcomed and given just as much attention.

Paul loves Riesling.  So much so, he decided to plant some a couple of years ago.  He did the smart thing too.  To make sure he planted the right clone that would do well on his property, he asked his ‘riesling growing’ neighbours.  As a result (roll of the drums and the clang of a symbol) they have their first Riesling in bottle after only two years.

I had the pleasure of being there when it was released and I must say, for such a young wine from very young vines, this hits the mark for me.

Light straw in colour.  It was a bit closed on the nose but give it a good swirl and you’ll get lemon tart aromas and that had me and my wife very interested.  Citrusy on the palate, of course, with the usual suspects of lemons (mostly) with just a hint of limes.  There is softness to the palate, almost a textural feel to it as well and the acid seems so delicate for such a young wine.  This is looking good already and is on my list as a ‘must’ for summer drinking.

It’s not available on the website so click on the link below and contact them.  There were only 1210 bottles produced.  I saw how many were snapped up when it was released and, when word gets out, that number will reduce pretty quickly.

Wobbly Boot Website

Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania     Price: $32     Source: Cellar Door Purchase


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2014 Huntington Estate Shiraz

I don’t receive many wines to review but, you know what, some of those that I have received have opened my eyes up to some winemakers and wines I would not normally, if ever, get to see in Hobart.  I am so grateful to Define Wine for re-introducing me to the wines of Huntington Estate and the mighty fine work of Tim Stevens.

It’s great on the nose.  Even at four years of age, it is still pretty fresh berry-ish and fragrant right here.  It smells like it’s going to lay it on thick and rich preparing you for what’s in store.

A mélange (coming from me that’s a bit posh) of dark, blue and red fruits make up the flavours of this beauty.  There is definitely lush and fresh blackberries that make you feel as though you are rolling them around your mouth.  A blueberry character is there for me too and having mentioned red fruits, it was a ‘fruit freshness” suggesting age-ability (I hope you know what I mean).

The tannins don’t want to be forgotten either.  They make an appearance but in balance with the damn good fruit that pulls them into line as they both march side by side in unison.  Very much enjoyed this wine.  Get onto it!

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW    Price: $32     Source: Sample courtesy of  Define Wine & Huntington Estate

2014-Huntington Estate-Shiraz

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2018 Huntington Estate Semillon

Let me introduce you to an old and reliable white grape variety.  It’s called Semillon.  It’s the one variety that seems to have been forgotten in the rush to get to Sav Blanc and Pinot Gris/Grigio onto wine lists, and behind Riesling and Chardonny in the popularity stakes.  Even in these more contemporary times, it is being pushed back even further due to the likes of Rousanne, Fiano and Vermentino.  When was the last time you saw a Semillon on a wine list?  Winemakers and producers seem to be taking all of this on the chin because they continue to come up with some excellent examples like this one, even in their youth.

Fresh as anything can be when it’s virtually brand spanking new.  This smells fresh, zippy, inviting and capable of brightening your day…seriously!

It’s no different when tasting it.  It seems light yet provides some texture for a bit of complexity, it’s lemony and appley and peary too.  I am fan of the slight tang of the grapefruit acidity on the finish that makes you thirsty for more.  When you see ones like this hitting the bottleshop shelves, I can’t understand why people don’t drink more Semillon!

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $27    Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine & Huntington Estate



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