2021 Golden Grove Estate Vermentino

I sometimes see on social media where people I went to school with have done quite well for themselves.  Interestingly though, they were never a ‘shining light’ at school.  They were not a teacher’s pet nor a star sports person, just one of the students in the class.

My opinion only of course, but Vermentino is a variety that seems to fit in this category.  Amongst all the other white varieties, and I realise it is not the only one, it seems to have risen in popularity in a quiet, unassuming way and it’s done it on the back of top quality wines like this one.

Delightfully fresh and aromatic, things got off to a very attractive start with this Vermentino.  On the palate there is plenty of flavour on offer yet it seems so smooth, subtle and self-effacing.  It’s peachy, peary, slightly citrusy and creamy too.  There’s texture, mouthfeel and very good length adding to its ‘all-round, damn good wine’ status.

Golden Grove Estate Website

Region: Granite Belt, Queensland     Price: $35    Source: Sample thanks heaps to Golden Grove Estate (Ray Costanzo)

2021 Vermentino
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2 Responses to 2021 Golden Grove Estate Vermentino

  1. LifeInAGlass says:

    They do that, Vermentinos, sneak up on you. I find I go through a batch of meh versions and then a stellar example usually shines out. Usually, when they do they have a bit of texture. Maybe that’s the difference rather than simply high acid and some fruit.

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  2. Tony Peters says:

    Thankfully there are some really good examples in the market place now. I’m quite a fan of the variety.


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