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2015 Grey Sands Pinot Gris

When I opened this wine and offered it to a couple of good friends of mine, I didn’t tell them a thing about what they were about to try.  All I wanted from them was if they like it, why … Continue reading

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2014 Hollick Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

I can easily sum up this wine in five words.  “This is unashamedly Coonawarra Cabernet”. I’m sure you’re here to read a bit more about it than that.  However, if you know what traditional Cabernet from that terra rossa soil … Continue reading

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NV Tatachilla Prosecco

If you have asked me ten years ago what is prosecco I would’ve replied that it is something you wrap around beef and call it Fillet Mignon (Okay, okay. That’s prosciutto but you get my drift). As much as I … Continue reading

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2017 Chateau Yaldara Foundations Sauvignon Blanc

It wasnt’ that long ago I thought about installing a ‘Sav Blanc’ sensor at my front door. No one would be harmed when it activated but any Sav Blanc in their possession would automatically be turned into dust while the … Continue reading

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2016 Chateau Yaldara Petit Verdot

I’ll bet London to a brick that nobody has ever walked into a bar of any description, or even a cellar door and said, “I’d like to try the Petit Verdot”.  I’m not saying this as a blight on the … Continue reading

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2014 Penley Estate Steyning Cabernet Sauvignon

I couldn’t help myself.  I had to google Steyning (pronounced Stenning).  It’s a quaint little town in southern England with a population of less than six thousand.  Photos of the buildings and countryside gave me the impression of a place … Continue reading

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2015 Tatachilla Pale Moon Rising Merlot

It’s common knowledge that, in Australia, Merlot cops a bad wrap…most of the time. What a lot of people forget is that wine, regardless of the variety, is supposed to be consumed with food.  I don’t care who you are, … Continue reading

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2015 Penley Estate Phoenix Cabernet Sauvignon

I’m pretty sure I’m normal.  I’m saying that because, when the word Phoenix turns up in a sentence, I think of the big city in Arizona, USA. But then, the word ‘Phoenixing’ is a headline word in an article in … Continue reading

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2013 Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz

I’m probably going to experience the wrath of the Rutherglen Wine Region for this but, I have generally associated Campbells with fortified wines.  Surely I can be forgiven for this because they are in the Rutherglen region of Victoria, renown … Continue reading

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2017 Raidis Estate The Kid Riesling

I have a confession to make.  It’s been 51 days since my last Riesling post.  There, I said it. Thankfully, lightning didn’t strike me down and I can only think that is because that mighty fellow ‘up there’ is a … Continue reading

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