2013 Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz

I’m probably going to experience the wrath of the Rutherglen Wine Region for this but, I have generally associated Campbells with fortified wines.  Surely I can be forgiven for this because they are in the Rutherglen region of Victoria, renown for it’s fortified wines such as tawny and vintage ports, muscats and topaques.  When it comes to table wines, there has always been some discussion about their durifs but not necessarily any other table wines from the region.  Well wine drinkers, expand your Rutherglen wine experiences.

Sorry, I have no idea who Bobbie Burns is.  I didn’t research him/her mainly because I figured you’re more interested in the wine and so you should be.  It’s worth getting excited about and deserves a bit more attention.

This one is the 46th vintage of this wine and it is built from the ground up mainly using grapes from vines 50 years old!  Yep.  You’d better believe it.

A beautiful colour! Just beautiful.  Still youthful, vibrant and attractive.

Pour it in a big glass and soak up the dark berry aromas.  Go on, it’s a must but don’t stop there (for fear of stating the bleeding obvious).

A ripper wine to drink, you’re going to get a palate hit of a red and dark fruits sandwiched between a slither of licorice top and bottom.  Yep, dark berries are there but throw in some cherries, tongue coating plums, soft tannins and a whole heap of length, and you get a bloody good value wine that, thanks to a screwcap, will last 46 years (okay that’s a bit optimistic but you never know).

I really enjoyed this wine and for the measly $22 I paid for it, it is without doubt a bargain buy.


Region: Rutherglen, Victoria     Price: $22     Source: Retail purchase



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