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2018 McLean Bay Pinot Noir

If you didn’t know, our newly elected Premier is Peter Gutwein.  Pretty much all of us down here in Tassie pronounce it as Gutt-wen.  As it turns out, and how cool is this, in German it means ‘Good Wine’!  Considering … Continue reading

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2020 Glen Garvald (by Levantine Hill) Rosé

What a terrific Rosé!  Loved it!  Buy some!  Simple as that.  End of review.  Okay, so, I probably should expand on this a little to explain why I was so taken by it, and it wasn’t just me.  Everyone I … Continue reading

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2019 Dr Edge Pinot Noir

Unlike its maker, this wine is quite pretty (in my defence, Pete Dredge would not like to be called pretty).  However, very much like its maker, this wine exudes character, substance and likeability (because of the red squiggly line underneath, … Continue reading

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2019 Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Riesling & 2018 Porongurup Pinot Noir

Way back in 1616 Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog literally stumbled across the west coast of Australia thanks to some blustery winds in the Indian Ocean.  Along with other Dutch explorers after him, he had a bit of a look up … Continue reading

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2015 Levantine Hill Colleen’s Paddock Pinot Noir

I haven’t met the owner of Levantine Hill, Elias Jreissati, but I have read and been told quite a bit about him.  He is a self made man who worked bloody hard to get where he is today not withstanding … Continue reading

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2014 Grey Sands Pinot Noir

The words ‘Pinot Noir’ are pretty much part of the Tasmanian vernacular these days.  When Tasmanian wine comes up in a conversation, no matter who I speak with, Pinot Noir gets quite a bit of the attention over the other … Continue reading

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2018 Dr Edge Pinot Noir

In case you didn’t know, Dr Edge is a play on the surname of the winemaker and owner of this label, Peter Dredge.  If you have met him and/or know him, this sort of thing comes as no surprise.  He … Continue reading

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2017 Windowrie Family Reserve Pinot Noir

My wife and I are drinking more and more Pinot Noir these days.  Not that we are drinking less of the other red varieties, it’s just that during the warmer months, Pinot is less weighty for our palates to have … Continue reading

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2018 Resolution Vineyard Pinot Noir

Boy and girl go to a vineyard in 2011. Boy and girl love the pinot noir and the views from the vineyard. Boy and girl decide to get married at said vineyard in 2012. Boy and girl help out at … Continue reading

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Clemens Hill Vineyard & Wines

My wife and I are ‘view’ people.  By that I mean we like a view of most things, whether it be the ocean, rivers, mountains, valleys or vineyards.  Speaking of views, valleys and vineyards, you need to make an appointment (by … Continue reading

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