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2016 De Bortoli Woodfired Heathcote Shiraz

It’s not uncommon to have wines recommended to me and I don’t mind it even more so when it comes from someone in the know. I must say though, I was not particularly enthralled when I saw the label.  In … Continue reading

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2015 Angoves Organic Shiraz Cabernet

Hands up those who love tradition.  Okay, those who put their hands up, put your hands down…please.  If I asked you about something your family has repeatedly done for years, you’d be able to tell me a story about it … Continue reading

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2016 De Bortoli La Bossa Pinot Grigio

Let’s be honest right from the start.  Nobody expects much from a bottle of wine that only costs you a tenner (that’s a $10 note in case you were wondering).  I will admit to only deciding to try this wine … Continue reading

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2016 Craigie Knowe Riesling

It is not uncommon for me to walk around my garden and come across a plant or flower I had forgotten about.  The only reason I remember it is because it finally shows itself after some sort of hiatus.  Craigie … Continue reading

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2009 Mitchell Wines Sevenhill Cabernet

The only people happy about a wine being made available to the punters at 8 years old would be the punters themselves.  The accountants would be pulling what’s left of their hair out. As far as Mitchell Wines is concerned, … Continue reading

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2015 Craigie Knowe Pinot Noir

I’m sure I’m going to get a bit of a ribbing about this, but when I saw the name Craigie Knowe, I automatically thought of some sort of little English country town.  You know like Ellesmere Port or Paddock Wood … Continue reading

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2007 Mitchell Wines McNicol Shiraz

I thought I would google 2007 to see what happened in Australia 10 years ago.  I must say, there wasn’t much in the way of positive results from the search. Thankfully, Mitchell Wines bottled a McNicol Shiraz to brighten up … Continue reading

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