2007 Mitchell Wines McNicol Shiraz

I thought I would google 2007 to see what happened in Australia 10 years ago.  I must say, there wasn’t much in the way of positive results from the search.

Thankfully, Mitchell Wines bottled a McNicol Shiraz to brighten up not only 2007 but 2017 when they decided to release this wine.  Hallelujah!!

I tell you what, everything about this does not point to a 10 year old wine and it starts with the colour.  It’s still deep, it’s still dark and it’s still looking good.

The nose gives a bit of a hint there is some life in it thanks to dark berries hanging about, but it’s tasting this that’ll make you think about hiding it for a few more years. Presenting those dark berries again but throw in black cherries, an ever so slight hint of fruit sweetness and a dusting of tannins and you have a bloody gem of an aged, current release, wine that has come together beautifully.

Richness, elegance and integrity pretty much sums up this wine for me.


Region: Clare Valley     Price: $45     Source: Sample


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