2015 Craigie Knowe Pinot Noir

I’m sure I’m going to get a bit of a ribbing about this, but when I saw the name Craigie Knowe, I automatically thought of some sort of little English country town.  You know like Ellesmere Port or Paddock Wood or Shepton Mallet (thanks Widipedia).  It just has that sort of ring about it.

Thankfully it is a vineyard on the East Coast of Tasmania.  A hop, skip and jump from my doorstep.

Established in 1979 this little pocket of Tassie sits in a tiny place called Cranbrook.  It was sold in 2009 to those who really didn’t treat the vineyard with the respect it deserved.  The vines welcomed new owners Glen and Sandy Travers in 2013 and it has now been lovingly brought back to life with a lot of hard work.  They have been richly rewarded with wines  of exemplary quality.

This Pinot is not for the faint hearted.  Not that it’s over the top, it’s just packed full of varietal characters but still elegant.

Colour: dark and  alluring.

Flavours: delicious and lingering.  Cherries, yep, black as you can find.  Currants, yep, black and juicy.  Both friendly and also best of friends not fighting for front position.

Enjoyment factor: hits the high notes for me.  This’ll hold it’s own in a battle with any game meat you care to pair it with.  It has the oomph but the elegance to go with it.

Loved it!


If you intend on grabbing some of this (and their Riesling) don’t think about it for too long.

Region: East Coast, Tasmania     Price: $40     Source: Purchase


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