2009 Mitchell Wines Sevenhill Cabernet

The only people happy about a wine being made available to the punters at 8 years old would be the punters themselves.  The accountants would be pulling what’s left of their hair out.

As far as Mitchell Wines is concerned, it is all about wanting people to be able to enjoy their wines when they are at their (almost) best.

The colour is a good place to start, obviously.  There is still a slight purpleness to the rim and still has some depth to it.

The nose ain’t shy, not one iota.  Fragrant, a mix of berries and still a little oaky even (cedar, shellac maybe). It belies it’s age that’s for sure.

None of this alerts you to what you get when you taste it.  Although not primary, the black fruits are evident yet there is a berry that pulls it back into balance giving it elegance.  That berry could be red, it could be blue or it could be purple, but it doesn’t matter really.  Add the perfunctory dusty tannins and you have a wine that is showing it’s graceful grey hairs but is yet to show any wrinkles.

I tip my hat to Mitchell Wines for being so bold as to hold back wines then release them at such measly prices.  Good on you guys!


Region: Clare Valley, South Australia     Price: $40     Source: Sample


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