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Huntington Estate 2021 White Wine Releases

I was listening to a podcast the other day about platypuses (yep, platypuses) and a fellow’s immense excitement about them.  He is quoted as saying, “If I sound excited about platypuses, it’s because I am.”  I think they are a … Continue reading

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2021 Huntington Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 

A particular blend of two red grape varieties has been dubbed, for many many years, the ‘quintessential Australian blend’ and I am a fan of it.  For as long as I have been interested in, and drinking wine, Semillon and Sauvignon … Continue reading

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Huntington Estate New Release Semillons

I have two young grandsons and, as you’d expect, at ages (almost) 5 and (a little over) 2, both are full of life, energy and vivacity.  Even at such young ages and being products of the same parents, they already … Continue reading

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2018 Gartelman ‘Benjamin’ Semillon

With summer pretty much telling us it’s here, we will be looking for fresh, fruity and zesty whites for warm nights and lazy weekends on the deck.  It’s completely understandable that some people go for the ‘mainstream’ whites but please … Continue reading

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2018 Gartelmann Wines Benjamin Semillon

Just the smell of this wine brought back terrific memories of certain things I liked about being a kid (a few years ago now).  That memory being lollies or sweets depending on where you grew up.  Who remembers the Sherbet … Continue reading

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2018 De Iuliis Hunter Valley Semillon

It’s interesting the reactions I get when I mention to people how I have always been a fan of Semillon.  Well, maybe not always.  More so since the first time I tried it which would be over twenty years ago.  … Continue reading

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2017 Huntington Estate “Special Reserve” Semillon

I don’t know if this is possible but there should be a device that activates when someone is about to drink a wine when it is way too young.  I’ve no idea what form that ‘activation’ would take but it … Continue reading

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2018 Huntington Estate Semillon

Let me introduce you to an old and reliable white grape variety.  It’s called Semillon.  It’s the one variety that seems to have been forgotten in the rush to get to Sav Blanc and Pinot Gris/Grigio onto wine lists, and … Continue reading

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2016 Huntington Estate Special Reserve Semillon

Some wine varieties go out of fashion.  Some never actually become fashionable.  Some deserve to be fashionable but don’t seem to win over punters.  I think Semillon falls into the last category.  When there are great examples like this one, … Continue reading

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2011 Butler Crest Margaret River Semillon

The Butler Crest range is under the same umbrella as Night Harvest and Table Talk wines.  All of which are pretty much managed by Andy Ferreira the viticulturist with contract winemaker Bruce Dukes making the wines.  The Butler Crest vineyard … Continue reading

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