2017 Huntington Estate “Special Reserve” Semillon

I don’t know if this is possible but there should be a device that activates when someone is about to drink a wine when it is way too young.  I’ve no idea what form that ‘activation’ would take but it need only to be enough to have the person think twice about opening the bottle.  I realise there will probably never be such a device but if there was, devices attached to a Semillon screwcap would be the ones most commonly activated and, after having tried this one, only reinforces the need for someone to invent one.

Gee it’s got some interesting aromas.  Not one thing dominates from a citrussy note to a subtle herb character to a peek of pear and a slight ‘hello’ from some tropical fruits.  Thinking about it and looking over what I just typed, complex is probably the appropriate word but it doesn’t quite fit with this wine.  Sophisticated is probably a better word.  What I could tell from smelling it, I was certainly going to like this wine.

Delicious and juicy tropical fruits sit atop a nice citrus/acid foundation on the palate.  It’s quite delicate and refined but still has good palate presence and persistence.  I realise I alluded to Semillons being drunk too young, but in this case, for a wine so young and with a bright future, everything seems in sync already for immediate enjoyment…and that was exactly what we did!

N.B.  I tasted this over three days and it developed slowly and very nicely over that time.  These notes were made on day two.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $35     Source: Sample courtesy of Huntington Estate and Define Wine 


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