2016 Huntington Estate “Special Reserve” Merlot

How ironic is it that I was talking to a good mate of mine today and after the usual catch-up banter,  the first thing he said to me was, “Mate, I gotta tell ya, I’ve been drinkin’ quite a bit of Merlot these days.  There’s some good ones around.”  I must say, the ones he mentioned are a good place to start and, knowing my mate, it won’t be long before he moves it up a rung.  I mentioned some he should try and find, and I’ll be sure to recommend this one to him.

It’s a terrific colour.  Make sure you’re wearing sunglasses when you check it out.  If you get the wrong (or right) angle, and the sun hits the top of this wine, your pupils will constrict thanks to a lovely deep but bright sheen.  The aromas are pretty full on.  It smells ripe which I think is a good thing (Merlot can be stubborn bugger to ripen sometimes) and there is no ‘greenness’ to speak of.  Everything is falling into place already.

There’s no place for the shy when it comes to tasting it.  It’s generous, it’s giving yet I felt it was genteel too.  Terrific dark fruits.  Rich plummy flavours for sure, with some blackberry characters about and there is something akin to a cherry influence too.  There’s no ‘beg your pardon’ from the tannins but there’s no offence intended.  It’s just trying to tell you to leave it alone for a few years so you benefit from being patient for more than one or two winters.

It’s a very well made wine showcasing just how well Merlot is being treated and appreciated in Mudgee let alone Australia.

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $38     Source: Sample courtesy of Huntington Estate and Define Wine 


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