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Huntington Estate 2021 White Wine Releases

I was listening to a podcast the other day about platypuses (yep, platypuses) and a fellow’s immense excitement about them.  He is quoted as saying, “If I sound excited about platypuses, it’s because I am.”  I think they are a … Continue reading

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Hardy’s ‘Eileen Hardy’ 2021 Releases

I went to school with a fellow who is a fine furniture maker.  He is often commissioned to make specific pieces for people and price is never discussed. He sources the finest of Tasmania’s native species timbers he can, brings … Continue reading

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2018 Huntington Estate Grand Reserve Shiraz Cabernet

I’m not a poet and I’ve never been that interested in poetry.  I also have to admit that, when I stopped and thought about it, only one poets name came to mind, and he’s very well known to Australians.  The … Continue reading

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2019 Carillion Wines ‘Fenestella’ Hunter Valley Shiraz

Sometimes when you say something, and/or how you say it, can completely change a situation, circumstance or decision.  Recently, on a Monday, my wife made the decision to have, “…no more wine until Friday.”  Fair enough, her prerogative.  However, when … Continue reading

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Huntington Estate ‘Estate’ Range Red Releases

I can remember many years ago when I bought some road maps for a planned trip to ‘the mainland’ (Google Maps was a mere figment of somebody’s imagination back then). You know, those ones that folded out to the size … Continue reading

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2019 Moorilla Muse Chardonnay

When it comes to dancing, I have been gifted.  Gifted with three left feet instead of two.  However, I have to admit to enjoying watching professional dancers.  I know they’ve had plenty of practise and probably been doing it since … Continue reading

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2017 Levantine Hill Mélange Traditional Blanc

I’d say most people who pick up an acoustic guitar wouldn’t give it a thought as to the timbers that go into making one.  I didn’t realise how particular exotic timbers contribute to the sound a guitar produces. For example, … Continue reading

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