2017 Levantine Hill Mélange Traditional Blanc

I’d say most people who pick up an acoustic guitar wouldn’t give it a thought as to the timbers that go into making one.  I didn’t realise how particular exotic timbers contribute to the sound a guitar produces. For example, the sound board (where the hole is) is almost always made of Spruce because of its acoustic and structural qualities. Rosewood is the main timber used for the rest of the guitar (Ebony is quite popular too for the Fret board). It’s quite remarkable how the timbers, along with the strings of course, contribute to the mellifluous sound a guitar can make.

Just like the timbers used to construct a guitar, the varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Viognier have been beautifully tuned and balanced to produce this excellent white blend.  The aromas and flavours resonating melodiously from the glass.  So rich and complex, it’s all about tropical fruits, lovely citrus like acidity, a beguiling touch of spice, and texturally divine with terrific flavour persistence on the finish.  A wine that’s very pleasing to your sense of smell, your sense of taste and your sense of enjoyment.

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Vic     Price: $80     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Levantine Hill

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