2019 Moorilla Muse Chardonnay

When it comes to dancing, I have been gifted.  Gifted with three left feet instead of two.  However, I have to admit to enjoying watching professional dancers.  I know they’ve had plenty of practise and probably been doing it since they could walk (I bet they still join in the Nutbush at weddings too).  Anyway, the waltz, for instance, seems to be a fairly basic sort of dance but, professionals show just how elegant and flowing it is, and, they seem to project so much feeling and emotion while performing it.  They also have to ensure that their feet are always in the right spot, each step they take, during the dance.  If not, it could be disastrous.

With this Chardonnay, it is like the winemaker and the fruit are partners in a waltz that started the day the fruit was picked.  They knew what each other would bring to the dance, knew they’d bring out the best in each other, and that they’d achieve a high score when presenting to the judges.

Fresh, fruitful and full of finesse.  Perfectly ripe, juicy stonefruit to the fore coating the palate with smooth melon like feels, a lovely touch of cashew nut/almond texture and a nice crisp, pinch of acidity on the finish.  It doesn’t sit overly long on the palate but long enough to enjoy it until you go back again for more…which we didn’t have a problem doing.

Moorilla Website

Region: Tasmania     Price: $44     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Moorilla Estate

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