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2014 Di Giorgio Emporium Red Blend

They’re a pretty smart lot the Di Giorgio family.  15 years ago they decided to buy the Rouge Homme vineyard in Coonawarra that had been in the terra rossa soils of the region since the 1950’s.  Now, I’m not a … Continue reading

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2015 Penley Estate Atlas Coonawarra Shiraz

Some things frustrate me when it comes to Coonawarra shiraz.  The main one is that it seems to continually take second place behind Cabernet as the favoured red wine of the region.  I’m not saying it should be first place … Continue reading

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2016 Bailey Wine Co Grampians Shiraz

I’m not going to mince words here.  The only reason I decided to buy this wine is because I saw it posted on Instagram by the winemaker himself Tim Bailey (@bazwine).  I knew he made wine at Leconfield and I … Continue reading

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Penley Estate Echo Sparkling Pinot Noir

Living in a place known for its Pinot Noir and sparkling wine has, unfortunately, made me a bit skeptical about mainland versions, more so when it’s Sparkling Pinot Noir!  It appears I may have wasted my ‘skeptical’ time and energy … Continue reading

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2017 Coriole Picpoul

This is going to make me sound so stupid but, when I saw the name Picpoul, I thought it was a reference to sewing or knitting or something similar.  Thankfully, we were at Coriole cellar door at the time and … Continue reading

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2014 Coriole Galaxidia Shiraz

I’m happy to admit to being one of the ‘older’ generation. I saw Star Wars when it was shown in cinemas in 1977, Star Trek in 1979 and of course, Battle Star Galactica television series in 1978.  Galaxidia was the … Continue reading

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