2016 Bailey Wine Co Grampians Shiraz

I’m not going to mince words here.  The only reason I decided to buy this wine is because I saw it posted on Instagram by the winemaker himself Tim Bailey (@bazwine).  I knew he made wine at Leconfield and I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2014.  Tim is a terrific fellow, he knows his stuff and this is a bloody good wine.

It’s an attractive, beautiful, deep, youthful colour.  Vivacious dark fruit aromas will bring you into its Grampians grasp and you’re hooked.  It offers a heap more on the palate too with rich juicy plums, blackberries and a smooth creamy oak finish that doesn’t seem to let go.

The guys that I gave a (blind) taste were mighty impressed and one was a wine rep for a well know group, another has been around booze for a heap of years.  I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that anyone who tries this wine is going to like this wine.


Region: Grampians, Victoria     Price: $30     Source: Online Purchase

Bailey Grampians shiraz

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