Penley Estate Echo Sparkling Pinot Noir

Living in a place known for its Pinot Noir and sparkling wine has, unfortunately, made me a bit skeptical about mainland versions, more so when it’s Sparkling Pinot Noir!  It appears I may have wasted my ‘skeptical’ time and energy on this one.

There’s a bit to like right from when you pour this into the glass.  It’s all Pinot Noir with the colour but the soft pink bubbles hovering over the top of the juicy looking red cherry liquid just added to the romance of Pinot Noir fizz for me.

I found it a bit shy on the nose to start with but things changed pretty quickly.  No point asking me why because I’ve no idea but hello red fruits!  This is echoed on the palate but in comes some darker fruits and a touch of savouriness.  I said to others who were also trying it how I reckon it would be “multi culinary compatible”.  I hope that is a ‘thing’.

Easy on the wallet, easy to open, easy to pour, easy to drink…on any day of the week with anything you want to serve up.

Region: Coonawarra     Price: $20 (seriously)     Source: Sample


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