2017 Coriole Picpoul

This is going to make me sound so stupid but, when I saw the name Picpoul, I thought it was a reference to sewing or knitting or something similar.  Thankfully, we were at Coriole cellar door at the time and the lovely Velvet pulled out a bottle of this and set me straight.

It shows youth from the outset with a very pale straw colour.  Great aromatics!  If you didn’t know, you’d swear you were smelling a blended white.  Gewurztraminer’s rose water mixed with Riesling’s lemon citrus.  The palate is similar, but add some of Chardonnay’s stone fruit texture and you have a very nice, delicious wine that apparently partners well with oysters.  I don’t do oysters but I can see this going very well with Thai food easily!  It is truly a delightful little wine.

We thoroughly enjoyed this wine and it will easily invoke fun and frivolity with family and friends alike, I guarantee it.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $27     Source: Swap

Coriole Picpoul

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