2014 Di Giorgio Emporium Red Blend

They’re a pretty smart lot the Di Giorgio family.  15 years ago they decided to buy the Rouge Homme vineyard in Coonawarra that had been in the terra rossa soils of the region since the 1950’s.  Now, I’m not a young fella and this is before my mum decided it’s best I enter the world.

I’ve visited their cellar door, I’ve experienced their hospitality, I’ve tasted and drank their wines.  They are a lovely bunch of people and visiting Di Giorgio should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Thanks to these guys being part of the Coonawarra Roadshow and sending the lovely Anna to Hobart, I got to try this wine.  It’s predominately Merlot but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  It’s a rich, juicy, flavoursome wine and you know this even from sticking you nose in the glass let alone tasting it.

It gives plenty of flavour but quite gently and in a subtle way so you don’t start retreating and finding a place to hide from the attack of dark and red fruits combining into a smooth, creamy, textured wine with supple tannins.  Oak is ridiculously complimentary that you just feel like telling it to stop being so kind!

A truly enjoyable wine for any red meat dish for sure.  Sit it up alongside some cheese as well.  It enjoys this sort of company too.


Region:  Coonawarra, South Australia     Price: $26     Source: Tasting

DiGiorgio Emporio

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