2019 Carillion Wines ‘Fenestella’ Hunter Valley Shiraz

Sometimes when you say something, and/or how you say it, can completely change a situation, circumstance or decision.  Recently, on a Monday, my wife made the decision to have, “…no more wine until Friday.”  Fair enough, her prerogative.  However, when I opened this wine and enthusiastically uttered the words, “I like this,” guess what happened?  It only took those three words for her to change her mind.  She asked for a taste and, I can’t remember what she said but, she immediately went and grabbed a glass and asked me if she could have some. Of course, I said, “Of course.”

If this is anything to go by, I seriously need to get some Hunter Valley Shiraz into my wine collection. Lovely, juicy black fruits provide richness while it presents as nicely medium bodied.  It’s so smooth on the palate where a nice hint of spice comes through, a deft touch of herbs, a charry character is in there too and the tannins silky. The finish is flavoursome and long where the fruit continues to shows its class.   This is quite a wine, hence the previously enthusiastically uttered words, “I like this.”  I’d like to add to that with, “A lot!”

Carillion Wines Website

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW     Price: $60     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Define Wine and Carillion Wines

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