2018 Robert Stein Dry Riesling

There is always a certain level of expectation, well for me anyway, when a wine does well at a wine show or two.  When you’re given the opportunity to try a wine that has won four trophies and five gold medals, that expectation increases and I think that’s pretty fair.

This is the wine that has won the four trophies and 5 gold medals and I don’t think the accolades are going to stop there.  The 40 odd year old vines are relishing the site which sits 580 metres above sea level and, from what I’ve read, consistently produces quality fruit.  Winemaker Jacob Stein must rub his hands with glee every time it comes into the winery.

Terrific, intense nose.  Citrus with a nice lemon sherbet touch.  There was a hint of sweetness here too that caused me to turn the bottle around and check out the ‘scale’ on the back of the bottle.  It indicated a hint of residual sugar which didn’t surprise me.  On the palate it’s dry and limey to start with and so deliciously Rieslingy (not sure if that will catch on).

The finish is something else and deserves its own paragraph.  That intensity I mentioned earlier, is not just on the nose.  It seamlessly forms part of a great, long finish where a deft touch of sweetness balances it out perfectly.

Absolutely loved this wine.  Enjoyable from start to finish.  As much as it will no doubt develop over time, this wine is irresistible now.  Take a bow Jacob Stein.

Robert Stein Winery Website

Region: Mudgee     Price: $30 (Bargain!)     Source: Sample courtesy of Robert Stein and Define Wine



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