2018 Gartelmann Wines Benjamin Semillon

Just the smell of this wine brought back terrific memories of certain things I liked about being a kid (a few years ago now).  That memory being lollies or sweets depending on where you grew up.  Who remembers the Sherbet Fountain?  That yellow cylinder of sugar, I mean sherbet, with a tube of licorice in it.  I didn’t bother too much with the licorice.  It was all about the ‘buzz’ you got when you ate the contents.  And what about Wizz Fizz?  That bag of fine powdery sherbet that contained a (way too little) spoon to eat it with.  I’d ditch the spoon and just tip a heap of the sherbet in my mouth.  It’d be gone in 6 seconds and after that I’d be a hyperactive imp for 6 hours!  Ah, the good ole days.

This smells fresh and citrusy with that lemon sherbet aroma I alluded to in the first paragraph.  Similar on the palate, but boy, the flavours are intense and plentiful!  Those citrus characters are the star of the show for sure with great support from slight mineral notes and just a hint of texture.  But it’s the fresh, juicy, vivacious and tight acidity that really gives this wine great structure to develop for some time yet (if you can keep your hands off it).  Delicious Hunter Semillon to a tee.

Gartelmann Wines Website

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW     Price: $27     Source: Sample thanks to Gartelmann Wines and Define Wine

18 Gartelmann BenSem

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