2018 Pig in the House Cabernet Sauvignon

I love the name of this wine, Pig in the House.  It conjured up so many thoughts of an introduction for this review before moving onto the tasting notes.  Politicians and Parliament came to mind and I even thought about having a bit of a dig at myself and my occupation.  But alas, in this politically correct world, I decided I’d better do the right thing and not go down that path for fear of upsetting someone, so this is the best I can do for an introduction.

It’s a very deep, yet pretty colour and, stating the obvious I know but, youthful as well.  The aromas are just as primary with red and black fruits dominating.  Tasting and drinking it is all about the sweet-fruit nature of the wine.  Blackcurrants and blackberries are the lead vocals from a wine that just sings “Drink me, don’t cellar me.”  There’s a green, more of a herbal note but nothing that was too obvious.  It was part of the ‘backing vocals’ if you like.  Tannins? There’s none of those to concern yourself with.  It’s all about the fruit for sure.  A very good wine I have to say, which leads me to the question: how do they do it for the price?

Pig In The House Shop

Region: Cowra     Price: $25     Source: Sample thanks to Windowrie Wines and Define Wine

Pig in the House Cabernet

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