Huntington Estate New Release Semillons

I have two young grandsons and, as you’d expect, at ages (almost) 5 and (a little over) 2, both are full of life, energy and vivacity.  Even at such young ages and being products of the same parents, they already have their own lovable personalities and you can’t help but like the little blighters. I know this sounds a whole lot bias, but it’s easy to want to spend time with them.  As they grow up, I have no doubt they will mature into fine young men who will live very rewarding and productive lives.

Well, here are two Semillons that are no different to my two grandsons.  Both are lively in their youth yet with different personalities.  It’s clear even at this point in their life they are going to develop into fine examples of the variety as they mature and will make their ‘parents’, Tim and Nicki Stevens of Huntington Estate proud.

2019 Semillon

Juicy lemons yell an excited ‘HELLO’ to the nasal passages as a slight floral sort of note fights its way through that citrusy hit. An inviting entrée to what’s inside the bottle and it doesn’t disappoint. Fresh, zingy and citrusy with lovely acidity. There’s a very nice lemony tang complementing the great fruit flavours spreading themselves across the tongue.  It maybe young in both looks and taste but don’t let this stop you from opening a bottle.  As I said earlier, it doesn’t disappoint.

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $27


2018 Special Release Semillon

The nose gets WOW number 1 for this wine! Like the 2019, it’s citrusy but with more complexity and a dried herb like character poking out amongst it all.  The second WOW for this wine belongs to the palate! Plenty of flavour to get your tongue and gums around.  There’s lemons and limes (I know what you’re thinking but it’s different to ‘that’ white variety) and  it might come as a surprise but there’s texture there too.  A lovely long dry finish where the acid sings just tops it off for me.  This is a purely delightful Semillon.  Respectworthy, ageworthy and yumworthy too!

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $35


Huntington Estate Website     Source: Samples thanks heaps to Huntington Estate

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