2013 Mitchell Wines Peppertree Shiraz

I’m a huge fan of wineries that seem to be not so ‘obvious’.  They have been around so long they don’t have to say or do much because people recognise them and respect them for their humble nature.

This Mitchell Wines shiraz fits neatly into this description.

I initially found it to be a reluctant, shy young soul to start with but as it’s confidence grew, it showed just how good it is and there was no rushing it either.  It’s aromatics came out of their shell beautifully with patience.

Taste it and this is where it comes into it’s own without fanfare or fireworks, just quietly impressing.  Medium bodied, red fruits at the riper end of the spectrum, a delicate savouriness all come together in an unpretentious, generous kind of way…and it keeps on giving.  You’ll get more than you bargained for at the price too.


Region: Clare Valley     Price: $26 (seriously)     Source: Sample


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