2016 De Bortoli Woodfired Heathcote Shiraz

It’s not uncommon to have wines recommended to me and I don’t mind it even more so when it comes from someone in the know.

I must say though, I was not particularly enthralled when I saw the label.  In one word, dark.  ‘Woodfired’ was there for all to see.

In the glass is where the darkness continues.  It’s certainly a deep colour but with a youthful vibrancy and the aromas, Bang!  Full on, delicious, mouth-watering.

I was a little surprised when I tried it though.  I expected that punch to continue but, while it’s rich, it is still quite smooth, mellow and damn approachable.

Black fruits aplenty, a hint of licorice allsorts in there balanced out thanks also to a touch of cool climate spice/pepperiness.  All in all a nicely rounded, generous, no nonsense wine at a very reasonable price.


Region: Heathcote, Victoria     Price: $20 (retail)     Source: Retail Purchase


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