2015 Angoves Organic Shiraz Cabernet

Hands up those who love tradition.  Okay, those who put their hands up, put your hands down…please.  If I asked you about something your family has repeatedly done for years, you’d be able to tell me a story about it AND how you wouldn’t change it.  That’s tradition.

I can’t use the word ‘tradition’ when it comes to the Angoves family because they are based on generations.  Tradition comes naturally to them.

Claret is traditional, and as much as Aussie wineries can’t use that term, Shiraz/Cabernet will remain in the psyche of punters thanks to this wine.

It has a dense colour that defies it’s aromas and flavours.  That doesn’t sound right i know but you’ll know what I mean when you smell and taste it.  It’s red fruit specific on the nose but in a cheery, fresh way.  The palate is where it speaks to all and sundry.  Those red fruits hang around but add blackcurrants and plums, a hint of oak and spice (they are probably joined at the hip) and you have a bargain wine.  I’ve heard and read great things about the rest of the range too.

Okay so it doesn’t say much about where the fruit was sourced but I think you should ignore this and enjoy it for what it is.  A very good wine at a very good price.


Region: South Australia     Price: $15     Source: Retail Purchase


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