2016 De Bortoli La Bossa Pinot Grigio

Let’s be honest right from the start.  Nobody expects much from a bottle of wine that only costs you a tenner (that’s a $10 note in case you were wondering).  I will admit to only deciding to try this wine because it had the name ‘De Bortoli’ attached to it, pure and simple.

Well, well, well! How on earth do they make this wine for the price?  I also have to admit to approaching this as a $10 bottle of wine and, quoting a famous (or infamous depending on your view) female Queensland politician, “Please explain?”

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely grigio but it taps on the door of the gris style both on the nose and palate.

The surprises start on the nose.  Quite aromatic, not necessarily punchy but sort of “hello”.  The palate is where it impresses.  It’s quite light but textural, pinot grigio pears are evident,  a slight spicy nip…just, and very satisfying.  I clearly underestimated this wine.  This is easily a summer go-to white wine that will please plenty of punters without a doubt.


Region: South Australia     Price: $10     Source: Retail Purchase


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