2015 Grey Sands Pinot Gris

When I opened this wine and offered it to a couple of good friends of mine, I didn’t tell them a thing about what they were about to try.  All I wanted from them was if they like it, why they like it and would they recommend it.

We all liked it, two of us more so than the other but we unanimously thought it had body, soul and character.  The other thing that was mentioned was it was not a big company wine, that it was clearly a ‘crafted’ wine not a ‘produced’ one.  We all would, most certainly, recommend it.

Ripe, spiced, poached pears.  Juicy too.  Texture in spades.  Not shy by any means.  You’ll find yourself going back for more because it is an intriguing wine at such a youthful point in it’s life.  The length keeps you thinking, longingly, about it too.  It’s rather seductive in an innocent kinda way.

The weight of this wine suggests it’s up there in the alcohol stakes.  Fair enough too, it sits at 14.8%.  All that tells me is grab some pork and pour, pour, pour.


Region: Northern Tasmania     Price: $45      Source: Sample


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