2014 Hollick Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

I can easily sum up this wine in five words.  “This is unashamedly Coonawarra Cabernet”.

I’m sure you’re here to read a bit more about it than that.  However, if you know what traditional Cabernet from that terra rossa soil tastes like, what I’m about to type will come as no surprise to you.  If you don’t, get a bottle of this and you’ll be going back for more.

It’s a pretty, translucent, crimson colour which to me, suggested this was going to be medium ‘everything’ and it is.  Medium bodied, I’m inclined to say red fruits but it has more depth than that.  Plums maybe…not sure, but there is some other fruit giving it another, quite pleasant, dimension.  The leafy, herbal, slight mint characters are proudly flying the Coonawarra flag in support of the fruit.

All of this has been wrapped snugly in the ‘elegance’ blanket since birth by it’s maker and, allowing it to stay there for a few more years yet, will allow all of this to integrate a bit better than it does at the moment.  The other option of course, give it good amount of air before sharing.  Plenty of potential here.


Region: Coonawarra     Price: $36 (online)     Source: Swap

Hollick Cabernet

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