NV Tatachilla Prosecco

If you have asked me ten years ago what is prosecco I would’ve replied that it is something you wrap around beef and call it Fillet Mignon (Okay, okay. That’s prosciutto but you get my drift).

As much as I enjoy my wine, it seems a bit naive of me to suggest that, more recently due to its popularity, I thought it was a sweetish bubbly drink in the same vein as Moscato.

I offer my sincere apologies to Prosecco producers.  If you have one of these in your portfolio, please let me know.  Thanks to this one, my attitude has changed.

As I said, I expected this to be sweet but nope, that it most certainly is not.  It doesn’t give much away on the nose but I don’t think smelling it was the intention of the maker.  It obviously came down to drinking and enjoying it.  There is some fresh but soft acidity then it gives a nice gentle but full palate feel to it, finished off with an apple flavoured ‘popping candy’ type sensation.  It sounds weird but it’s pretty cool!

I don’t know if it’s going to light up the Prosecco world because this is a first for me but what must be said, bang for buck, it’s going to provide a great alternative as a brunch wine leading to a lunch wine.  As a matter of fact, at this price, it’s an all-occasion bargain!


Region: King Valley, Victoria     Price: $24     Source: Care Package

Tatachilla Prosecco


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  1. Mia McIntyre says:

    Perfect descriptive to a wine I have placed No.1 on my palate for 30years. Grazie mille. The wine glasses have spoken spritzerly!

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