2017 Chateau Yaldara Foundations Sauvignon Blanc

It wasnt’ that long ago I thought about installing a ‘Sav Blanc’ sensor at my front door. No one would be harmed when it activated but any Sav Blanc in their possession would automatically be turned into dust while the person would not feel a thing.

That should give you an indication of my thoughts and feelings on the variety. Admittedly, it was simply because of a style from a different country that saturated the market.

Well, thanks, to a different approach by Aussie producers/winemakers, time have changed…well, for me anyway.

Don’t expect ‘cut grass’ or ‘tinned asparagus spears with this one.  The crew at Chateau Yaldara have left the Victa in the shed and the tinned veggies on the shelf.  I’ve no idea if it tastes of gooseberries because I don’t know what they taste like.  What they have done is picked the best tropical fruits, squeezed a lime through that lot and come up with a cleansing Sauvignon Blanc that, I’m happy to admit, I had more than one glass.


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $22     Source: Sample


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