2016 Chateau Yaldara Petit Verdot

I’ll bet London to a brick that nobody has ever walked into a bar of any description, or even a cellar door and said, “I’d like to try the Petit Verdot”.  I’m not saying this as a blight on the variety.  I’m saying it because, and I think I’m safe in saying, it’s not a variety that springs to the wine drinking punter’s mind…anywhere.

In it’s defense, it’s not a variety that usually finds itself in a bottle on its own.  There is usually a couple of other red varieties in support.  When it gets thrown into that 750 millilitre receptacle called a bottle, you know the winemaker has confidence in it.

On this occasion, so he should.

It’s young, fresh and quite vibrant on the nose. Kinda ‘eyes wide open’ in anticipation aromas and it doesn’t seem to want to go away.  I like that in a wine.

Now for the serious spot. Tasting it.  Okay not that serious, but it has a certain ‘spunk’ about it.  Lively on the palate, blue fruits, dark cherries get in a groove and stay there.  As I said, spunk.  Okay, it may not be complex but it throws plenty at you, spade in hand. Another upside, it gives more than you get back when you open your wallet and that’s what I think should be the case with any wine.  It ticks all of those boxes for me.


Region: Mount Lofty Ranges     Price: $27     Source: Sample


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