2015 Tatachilla Pale Moon Rising Merlot

It’s common knowledge that, in Australia, Merlot cops a bad wrap…most of the time. What a lot of people forget is that wine, regardless of the variety, is supposed to be consumed with food.  I don’t care who you are, there should be no argument that this is indeed true.  Merlot is no different.

Mind you, I’m of the view that many Aussie versions, except a few…when it comes to food matching…and easy drinking…and good value, seem to struggle.  I could go on…and use a lot more dots…but I’ll stop now.

This example was not particularly friendly to begin with.  My wife and I thought it was, well, a bit on the one dimensional side.  Hang around the water cooler with this cool ‘Cabernet complimenter’, get to know it better and you’ll see how fresh, friendly and fun it actually is.  Then, park it alongside some spicy/savoury, herbal tucker and you’ll realise it can hold it’s own.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $22     Source: Care Package


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