2021 Golden Grove Estate Brosé Rosé

I think the days of rosé being a light red wine and not being taken seriously are long gone.  Even the term, ‘Rosé Revolution’ seems to have faded off into the wine horizon.  Rosé stands alone as a wine style in its own right now and so it should.  Many are consistently receiving high scores from critics, being draped with medals, awarded trophies and featured in magazines.  I’ve been lucky to have tried many excellent ones over the last couple of years or so and here I go again!!

A blend of mainly Sagrantino with a good portion of Vermentino and a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc, this is all geared up to provide great aromatics (and it does) and plenty of flavour (and it does this too).

Lovely fresh strawberries dominate the aromas, but the other varieties contribute a slight stonefruit and herbal like characters.  The palate is the place to get excited though.  That freshness continues with strawberries again the main player with a hint of red cherry in support.  Again, like the two previous Golden Grove Estate wines, texture is a beautiful part of the whole of this wine.  Combine this with the fruit flavours that linger longing on the taste buds, and it is not hard to keep topping up your glass.

Golden Grove Estate Website

Region: Merbein, Victoria     Price: $26    Source: Sample thanks heaps to Golden Grove Estate (Ray Costanzo)

2021 Rose Brose
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