2021 Carillion ‘Lovable Rogue’ Fiano

A work colleague asked me what interesting wines I had drunk lately and, amongst others, I showed him a photo of this wine.  His response, “I’ve never heard of Fiano.”  I had a bit of a chuckle because he pronounced it like ‘piano’.  In his defence, he doesn’t drink a lot of wine so it is an easy mistake to make.  He proceeded to ask me about it and, after providing him with a bit of information, he genuinely thought it sounded like a wine he and his wife would probably enjoy.  I couldn’t help but encourage him to do so.

I found this to be a very interesting yet very enjoyable wine.  It was nice and fruity (think stonefruits and pears) with a bit of a citrusy zip (grapefruit like) to it, a hint of residual sugar and some good texture to boot.  It seems to linger on the palate too where that texture and delicate acidity combine perfectly with the fruit to provide balance and pretty good length.  I have long been a fan of Fiano and this one just reinforces why.  A lovable rogue indeed!


Region: Hunter Valley, NSW     Price: $30    Source: Sample courtesy of Carillion Wines and Define Wine

Lovable Rogue 2021  'Abboccato' Fiano
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