2014 Main and Cherry Shiraz


I’m not quite sure how to put this.  Picking this wine was a great idea but difficult at the same time.

A great idea because it is a damn good wine.  Difficult because, and only because, it was my only bottle and it has time on it’s side.

The lovely ripe raspberries showed their class among the plum (ish) mid palate notes, all of which combine to form a delicious mouth-filling wine.

Tannins.  They deserve a mention for their cameo role so…tannins.

This wine speaks Adelaide Hills Shiraz and speaks it so succinctly but so eloquently at the same time.  It is vivacious but so poised.  Brash but refined.  As I said before, damn good!

Region: Adelaide Hills     Cost: $25     Source: Swap



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