2014 Bream Creek Pinot Grigio

I’ve got to tell you, this is quite a different version of this style.  I was going to say, expect the unexpected but everybody says that.  I’m going to say, don’t expect the expected.

I like how there is a producer or two using the term ‘Pinot G’ so they can make a wine depending on the fruit they bring into the winery resulting in the final product.  From that I mean, it’s made to what the vines have provided not what the winemaker wants to serve up.  These guys say ‘Grigio’ because it is more in that spectrum than ‘Gris’.

Loved the colour.  Very much gris I reckon with it’s slightly pink/greyish tinge.  Light and fresh tells you it’s a grigio but wait until you get into the taste and flavours of it. A delicate richness, texture and length will make you wonder if it is creeping into the Gris-o-sphere.

The thing that is common with this wine is the pear characteristic (I know, not unexpected) but more like the skin is still on the pear.  It seems to have a svelte palate feeling about it, that textural feel…which is a good thing.  Even the alcohol content, at 13%, is like it’s a fence sitter when it comes to this style…again in a good way.

Region: Bream Creek, South East Tasmania     Price: $26     Source:  Wine Show Purchase



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