2014 Rusty Mutt Rocky Ox GSM

Rusty Mutt?!  I’d never heard of it until I got onto Twitter and Instagram.  The good, no, great reviews that I kept reading were enough for me to finally bite the bullet and buy some.

Now, the name.  You just want to know why and where it came from, well I did.  So (and I blame my occupation for this) I decided to investigate further and googled it.  And so should you.  While you’re there, buy some of this wine.  It is indeed a bloody good wine.

Grenache…60%.   Shiraz…30%.   Mataro…10%.  Each one of these components has played their part and deserve to walk the Red Wine Carpet, eventually finding themselves together, on stage, showing what a winning combination they are and thanking Decanter Magazine for the ‘Outstanding’ 95 points.

I reckon the speech would go something like this with Grenache leading the way.  “Thank you Scott for letting us be who we really are and for letting each of us play our natural role in an expressive, bright, fresh and true way.  You know how we tick.  You get us.  Our fans will appreciate that.”  (Standing ovation, lots of applause as they leave the stage)

Need I say more.

Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $28     Source: Online purchase (sort of)



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