2015 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling

How good is Louisa Rose?!  That’s not really a question, it’s more a statement.  There aren’t many people around the industry, or even consumers for that matter, who don’t know this talented lady.

I’m a big fan of Riesling (as I’ve mentioned about a million times) whether it be young or aged.  The great thing about the Pewsey Vale Rieslings is they are so approachable  when young but you can safely put some away without any hesitation.

Speaking of approachability, this wine is the epitome of that.  It may have the intensity of lemons and limes on the nose yet on the palate, the acidity is so fresh but gee it’s tame. You don’t feel like you’re sucking on a lemon which can be a issue for some when it comes to drinking young Rieslings.

My wife thought it a bit minerally although I didn’t quite get that, however we both agreed it was delicate and had a nice texture to it that hung around on the palate.

If you can find it at the price I did ($10.50 a bottle) scoop it up.  Even at it’s normal price, this is incredible value for what you get when it’s young, but even more so knowing how well this will age.

Region: Eden Valley, South Australia     Price: $28 (RRP)     Source: Bottle Shop purchase



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