2013 Waipara Hills Pinot Gris

Yep, another Pinot Gris review but this time it’s one from across the ditch.  By that I mean across the Tasman Sea.  By that I mean from our mates in New Zealand.

I have to say, when my wife and I travelled there a few years ago, when it came to the white wines, we were not interested in the Sav Blanc and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.  We wanted to see what they had to offer in the way of other whites including this variety.  Let’s face it, there climate is not dissimilar to Tassie’s.

This wine is not dissimilar to a Tassie version of Pinot Gris either.

It’s all pinot gris on the nose right from the get-go.  Pears and spice and aromas of everything nice.  And that’s what you get on the palate too and, do me a favour (even though you’ve probably never met me), don’t kill it with coldness, please.  Add some of that expected Gris weight and texture and you get a wine offering, and giving, plenty for your money.

It’s at 14% alcohol which isn’t unusual for this style but it gets carried very well by the (obvious) quality fruit that has gone into this wine.

It’s a ‘find some, buy some’ wine for sure.  We did and we did.

Region: South Island, New Zealand     Price: ? (sorry)     Source: (bargain) Retail purchase



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