2013 Bremerton Selkirk Shiraz

I’m sure I would’ve have mentioned the talented winemaker, Rebecca Willson, at Bremerton by now.  I’m on their mailing list and get there wines delivered relatively regularly and drink the wines too regularly.

This was in the last box that arrived and picking it tonight was with such nonchalant ease made me think that maybe I’ve become too used to drinking their wines, whenever, knowing I won’t be disappointed.  I think I’m suffering from ‘take it for granted when it comes to wine’ syndrome.  That ain’t a bad thing…is it?

This is a well balanced wine.  Everything is there but it’s all happening at the same time. No particular characteristic is trying to be the shining light.  Fruit, spice, tannin, oak and flavour. Dark fruit, red-ish fruits (just), pepper and personality.  They are all friends here and getting along particularly well.  A very good wine.

Region: Langhorne Creek     Price: $22     Source: Wine Club purchase





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