2015 Clemens Hill ‘777 Clone’ Pinot Noir

You’ll have to excuse me for being curious.  That’s just me and it’s part of my job.  The succession of numbers, 777, intrigued me so I googled it thinking it would return details about the Pinot clone in question.  Ummm, initially, no.

I bet you didn’t know that Lamech, the father of Noah (the bloke who built that big floating zoo that saved a heap of animals, except the Unicorn, called The Ark) lived to be 777 years old.  And 777 is used in most US slot machines to identify a jackpot.  When it comes to the significance of the numbers, the ‘jackpot’ wins hands down for me especially when it comes to this wine.

Getting back to the 777 Pinot Clone, I was under the impression it was always blended with other clones, not one to be bottled on its own.  I can only go on what I researched but it appears to me that, on its own, it can be a big version of the variety depending on how it’s treated.  Whoever makes the Clemens Hill Pinots knows exactly what they are doing and how to treat it.  Just my opinion of course but, spot on I reckon (bearing in mind this is my first straight 777 Pinot).

From top to toe it will have you more curiouser (excuse my english) than you have ever been before when it comes to this grape variety.  777 possibly like you’ve not seen it before.

Love the colour, not like your regular pinot that’s for sure thanks to some depth at the core of it.  Smells of dark fruits in the whole bunch style (?), stemmy/herbal which added so much interest for me.

Rich, intense, lush.  I certainly did not expect that from this clone considering what I had been told.  Tasting it; quite a medium weight wine, mid palate blackcurrants, dark cherry, Italian herbs and delicate spicy stuff going on.  It has a silky smooth, long finish too.  I really liked this.  I only wish I had had two of them!

(Image from the Pinot Shop Website )

Clemens Hill Website

Region: Coal Valley, Tasmania    Price: $55 (I think)     Source: Good Question


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