2014 Gartelmann Wines ‘Jesse’ Shiraz

When it came to writing the review for this wine I realised when I see a person’s name on the front label, I’ve gotten into the habit of using ‘google’ to see if there is history or a story behind that name.  It was no different with this one, except after I did so, I thought I should really look to see if there is a Gartelmann family story or some history behind the ‘Jesse’ name.  As it turns out, it’s both.  Here’s how it goes.

Jorg Gartelmann is the owner.  His son is Phillip and Phillip’s son is Jesse.  Jesse is Jorg’s grandson.  On their website, young Jesse is affectionately described as “…a delightful handful”.  Mind you, I did find out that one of the biblical meanings of Jesse is, “God’s gift” and after having tasted this wine for the first time, I consider it god’s gift to the punters who partake in this delightful handful.

The colour didn’t really give much away but it has a pretty impressive start on the nose.  It made me think that the progression from step 1 (colour) to step 2 (aromas) was so good it could only mean the third and final step (taste) is going to be even better.  Answer, yes, definitely yes!

Tasting it, those softer, mid range berries are the go here.  Blueberries for sure, dark(ish) berries as well without dominating, plums too that seem to give it a nice fullness (or richness is probably a better descriptor but I’ll let you work that out).  There is a nice little touch of sweetness thereabouts, dark chocolate I reckon, that balances out all the fruit influence and does a very good job of it too.  The tannins are there but they are not nasty buggers.  They are there offering up some good support/structure so it will live for a few years benefiting the wine and ultimately benefiting you.

Gartelmann Wines Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $30     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine


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